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Xie Ruiwu Met with General Manager of China Region of French Insurance Company Groupe VYV
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On December 13, 2017, a conference was held in Chengdu between Member of the Chengdu Municipal Party Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Chengdu Xie Ruiwu and a delegation led by the General Manager of China Region of French insurance company Groupe VYV Wei Deli and the Consul-general of France in Chengdu Febienne Mansencal. The two parties engaged in extensive conversations about promoting cooperation in the finance and insurance sectors between Chengdu and France.


Xie Ruiwu began with a thorough introduction about Chengdu's socio-economic development conditions, then expressed the hope to utilize Groupe VYV's abundant experience and know-how in the mutual insurance field to promote the joint establishment of a mutual insurance organization by Groupe VYV and Wuhou District and to set up a China-France Fin-tech and Greater Healthcare Industries Joint Innovation Research Institute, which would be conducive to economic growth and people’s well-being improvement.


Wei Deli said that Groupe VYV is the largest health mutual insurance provider in France, and that the company considers the negotiation with Wuhou District in the founding of a mutual insurance organization to be a top priority. Wei Deli also expressed the willingness to actively allocate fund to drive the preparation and development of the project so as to accelerate the establishment of the project in Wuhou District as early as possible. Consul-general Mansencal indicated that they would fully support the cooperation project between Groupe VYV and Wuhou District, and enlarge the scope of exchanges between Chengdu and France in fields like industry and commerce, education and culture.


Deputy Director of Sichuan Bureau of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Liu Yong, Deputy Secretary-general of the Chengdu Municipal Government Gao Jianjun, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Zhong Laizhao and relevant persons in charge at the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Finance and Wuhou District Government were also present at the meeting.



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