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Xie Ruiwu Met with Asia-Pacific President of Euromoney Institutional Investor
Origin:成都市人民政府外事侨务办公室 Release Time:2018-5-11 Read:6940Degree
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On December 7, 2017, Member of Chengdu Municipal Standing Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Chengdu Xie Ruiwu met with a delegation led by Shi Tuoli, the Asia-Pacific President of the Euromoney Institutional Investor. The two parties spoke extensively about strengthening cooperation between Chengdu and Europe in the financial sector.


Xie Ruiwu presented a full picture of Chengdu's current socio-economic development status, and expressed the hope to leverage on the resources and influences of the Euromoney Institutional Investor in order to strengthen collaborations in fields such as financial innovation and fin-tech. Xie Ruiwu also welcomed the Euromoney Institutional Investor to set up representative office in Chengdu and encourage more European financial institutions and investment firms to establish their presence in Chengdu so as to assist the city in better hosting major international conferences such as the "Global Fintech Summit" "Tianfu Finance Forum" and "Green Finance Forum".


Shi Tuoli responded positively to all the proposals mentioned above. He said that as a world-leading financial and economic media and financial information corporation, the Euromoney Institutional Investor is proactive in its reaction to the "Belt and Road" initiative, as exemplified in the setting up of offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, as well as engagements in project cooperation with cities such as Shenyang and Hangzhou. Shi Tuoli said that the company considers Chengdu's position and function as western China's financial center to be hugely important, and is willing to strengthen cooperation with Chengdu through joint hosting of conferences, founding representative office and other methods.


Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Lv Tianyi, and relevant persons in charge at the Chengdu Municipal Investment Promotion Commission, Bureau of Finance and Chengdu Financial City also attended the meeting.



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