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Officials from the Ugandan Embassy Arrived in Chengdu for Work Meeting
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Between December 5 and 6, 2017, Colonel and National Security Military Officer Emmanuel Rashad and First Secretary Philip Kabaz of the Embassy of Uganda in China visited Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to discuss issues related to a 2018 Ugandan economy, trade and tourism promotion fair to be jointly hosted in Chengdu between the Ugandan Embassy and the CDFAO, and the two parties reached preliminary consensus regarding agendas such as time of promotion fair, venue, guests to be invited and format of conference. Colonel Rashad introduced Uganda's abundant tourism and mineral resources, and high quality agricultural products such as coffee and sesame, as well as preferential investment policies and sound operation and business environment. In addition, Colonel Rashad stated the hope to carry out pragmatic cooperation with Chengdu in fields such as agricultural product processing, agricultural irrigation system, mineral resource exploitation, industrial park construction, rail transit, culture and sports, etc., and showed support to the formation of friendly cities relations between Chengdu and Kampala, the Ugandan national capital. He also indicated the wish to promote a non-stop flight between Chengdu and Kampala upon the basis of the aforementioned exchanges and cooperation.


During their stay in Chengdu, the Ugandan delegates also met with the officials of Sichuan Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture, conducted on-site inspection at the candidate venue for the aforesaid fair, and visited the Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall.


Background: The Republic of Uganda is located in the eastern part of Africa and straddles the equator. It has a territory of 241,500 square km that is home to a population of 41.488 million, and the national capital is Kampala. The Western Rift Valley of the East African Rift cuts across the western portion of Ugandan domain, and at the bottom of the valley are numerous rivers and lakes, thus the region is often called "high plateau water valley". Once coined the "Pearl of Africa" by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in recent years the Ugandan political landscape has stabilized, economy has maintained comparatively rapid growth and operation and business environment has been improved constantly.



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