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Zapopan (Mexico)
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    Zapopan is a city located in the west Mexican state of Jalisco. As a very populous city, it is the most significant economic centerin Jalisco. With an area of 893 km2 and a population of 1.24 million, Zapopan is currently the fastest-growing city in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area in Jalisco. 

    Zapopan has been rated by UNDP as one of the Mexican cities with the highest HDI (Human Development Index). There are 22 industrial parks where many Fortune 500 companies have set up branches or manufactories. 

    Zapopan has a booming tourism industry. All the expensive hotels in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area are located in Zapopan, which gives a major impetus to the tertiary industry. The most frequented scenic areas include Bosque de la Primavera and Valle de Santiago. The city is famous for time-honored cultural tradition. It has its own municipal choruses, symphony orchestras and folk ballets as well as Auditorio Telmex, the most renowned art theater in Latin America.  

Official Website of Zapopan: www.zapopan.gob.mx


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