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Lahore (Pakistan)
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    Lahore is the capital city of the province of Punjab, which is the most populous and the richest province in Pakistan. With an area of 1,772 km2 and a population of 12.5 million, Lahore is the country’s famous historic city and second largest city. It is well known as the “Heart of Pakistan”. Lahore is honored as a “Garden City” for its plentiful rainfall and luxuriant trees. 

    Lahore is a center of industry, commerce and agriculture in Pakistan. As a hub of railway and highway transport, Lahore takes pride in sound infrastructure and great economic potential. It also has a time-honored Islamic culture and boasts a lot of mosques, including the Badshahi Mosque, which ranks among the largest mosque in the world. University of the Punjab, founded in 1882 and famed as the largest and oldest university in Pakistan, is the alma mater of three Nobel Prize winners who also made the university known to the world. Lahore Central Museum, which sits across from University of the Punjab, is the largest museum in Pakistan and prizes the most collections. There are a large number of ancient relics, the most famous of which are the Tomb of Jahangir, a royal castle built in the Mughal Empire period. 

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