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Linz, a city in northern Austria and the capital of the State of Upper Austria, is situated astride the Danube. It is not only the largest port in the upper reaches of the Danube but also the industrial and commercial centre as well as the transportation hub with a population of 203,000 (in 1971). Founded in the 13th century, Linz has a lot of historic sites in the downtown area, such as the Church of St. Martin and the City Hall built in the 8th and 7th century respectively. And the State Museum in Linz has a large collection of paintings, folk art pieces and Roman art objects. The major industries of Linz include iron & steel, machinery, chemical engineering, wood processing and textile. In 1938, United Austrian Iron and Steel Works and its chemical plant, the largest enterprise of Austria, was established in Linz. From 1948 to 1952, United Austrian Iron and Steel Works invented the Oxygen Jet Steel, which was later introduced into the rest of the world. Acrylic &Chemical fiber company in the suburb of Linz has kept the trade relations with China for more than 20 years. And the company is mainly working on products like nylon filament. The light industries here cover the following fields: wool textile, cotton textile, velvet and carpet manufacturing. The food industry of Linz is famous for its superb roast technology. Linz is a commercial center with a flourishing economy. Every year, businessmen across Europe gather here, doing some good business. In 1832, Europe's first railway was built in Linz, opening up the history of railway transportation. River transportation of Linz is also well-developed. Large freighters and luxuriant yachts are shuttling to and fro on the Danube. Linz attaches great importance to culture and education. Literature society, literature library, colleges for theology and education, art school, technical school, military training field, dancing and riding Schools, school for the blind and deaf are all set up here. And the famous Bruckner School of Music of Austria is set up here as well. Great musicians including Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert once led their lives as artists in Linz. In July, 1983, Linz established sister relationship with Chengdu.

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