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Mechelen, an important city in Flanders, Belgium, lies between the capital Brussels and Antwerp,the provincial capital city of Flanders.

Mechelen has a long history and still retains more than 200 cultural and artistic relics. The famous St. Rumbolds Cathedral has a history of 540 years. And its St. Rumbolds Tower is 97.3 meters high. The heaviest and the lightest bell among the entire church bell group is 8,884 kg and 5.6 kg respectively. Founded in 1947, the well-known carillon school is now recruiting hundreds of students from all over the world to learn to play the music instrument. What makes the city really proud is its tapestry industry, and many rich people have some prestigious and rare tapestries in their collections. Mechelen has the renowned Toy Museum as well. Besides, the headquarters of the famed Vanhool tour bus, airport traffic bus and coach is also situated at Mechelen. And the vehicles produced by Vanhool are successfully exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. Pauwels Transformer plant in Mechelen has a great productive capacity and has set its branches in Africa and Indonesia. The Pauwels products have been sold to North America. In 1993, Mechelen established sister-city relationship with Chengdu.


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